The number of approaches, and the rest time between them

The question of how much need to rest between sets and a number of these approaches optimally perform during exercise care not only newcomers first came into the hall, but also professionals.

In order to answer these questions you need to understand what the purpose of manipulating data with time and the number of approaches. And the answer here is simple - it obtain microtrauma of the muscle fibers, which stimulate the further growth of the muscles Consequently, the number of sets and rest between them should allow the athlete to obtain the optimum amount of microtrauma.

You should also understand where your energy takes muscle. This energy gives two substances - adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and phosphocreatine (PC). Typically this source of muscle energy is only enough for 30 seconds of load, then other sources are utilized as the - lactic acid and oxygen, although they are much slower. Hence it can be 2 O:

If you want to increase the power rates, the set should not last longer than 30 seconds, and the rest between sets should be 5 minutes or more. Prior to the full recovery of muscle ATP
If your goal is muscle hypertrophy, or muscle relief, an increase in muscle mass should be set long enough to deplete ATP. A rest interval should be reduced to 2 minutes or less. This will cause the body to include other energy sources, the course will glycogen, glucose and body fat.

How to lose belly fat fast for teens

Today, many people tend to suffer from overweight problems. It is seen in children and adults, and more. When people start to gain weight, the most common areas where they tend to put on weight on the thighs, stomach and waist. It can be difficult 0-6 Pack Abs Review to get rid of fat ynedus. However, with the right to exercise and diet, the fat can be reduced greatly. If you have the stomach, and then consider a reduction of junk food and increase the amount of physical activity to get rid of belly fat.

Thinking how to lose belly fat for teenage girls and boys? Follow these tips diet to get rid of belly fat fast. You can also go through this article on the business site which says that belly fat diet to find out more.

First of all, remember these basic tips on how to lose belly fat - to increase the amount of protein, as well as reduce the amount of fats and carbohydrates. Studies show that people who eat more protein and fewer carbohydrates and fats lose weight faster. Thus, the table that the diet which comprises a protein source and less carbohydrates and fats.

For breakfast, there is a large fruit bowl and then eat a normal breakfast. Before lunch or dinner, there is a plate of fresh green salad without dressing, and then eat a meal. Furthermore, for appetizers can eat salad with good lemon sauce or other sauce light. You can also eat some nuts and dried fruit, yogurt for a snack.

Diet: A menu that accelerates metabolism to lose pounds faster

The truth is that women with patience did not go well. Dieting and want to one day become a lean, flat belly without cellulite. That you understand that it is impossible because there are no magic wands. However, we have another secret to quickly lose the pounds you want.

The expert reveals how smart and direct way is a diet rich in foods that speed up metabolism to burn more calories and fat See the menu and the advice it gives you in the end and remember that with an intensive exercise will be able to lose up to 4 pounds a month (this is normal).

In a recent study, researchers compared the metabolic effects of green tea (to extract) and found that those who drank green tea burned approximately 70 extra calories in 24 hours. The 70 calories burned per day corresponding to 3.5 kg whole year! And are therefore not on magic, but it is scientifically proven! The researchers believe that the difference is caused by the antioxidants (known as "catechins") found in green tea and accelerate metabolism.

Researchers now know that the body does not "count" calories from liquids in the same way that counts those derived from solid food. Drinking a large milkshake for example, will not make you feel satiety, would you feel like if you drink a bowl of spaghetti. Which means that while coffee Mocha has substantially more calories than are the pasta, is very likely to feel the need to drink and second milkshake. Therefore, it would be good to check the receipt of sugary drinks and alcohol. If you eat one of these drinks during the day, will you take 800 calories more during the night and will feel and hunger. At the same time, alcohol can suppress fat metabolism, making it much more difficult "burning" of calories.

Get rid of fatigue and recharge now!

Food is the main source of energy for the maintenance of the human body and you can check this with Ph360 Reviews. From the simplest operation to the most complex, each organization uses the appropriate amounts of energy, amounts which vary from person to person as there are people more active than others, people with difference in height, age, gender etc.

Discover the following article the most effective practices to fill energy with 100% natural way ...

Lose excess weight

Extra weight causes your body spends a lot of energy, say experts at the University Johns Hopkins. Even small reductions in body fat can improve your mood and quality of life. Most experts nutritionists recommend to reduce portion sizes, eating balanced meals, and increase your physical activity.

Eat more often

Most people feel tired or sleepy within 24 hours may benefit from eating frequent and smaller meals during the day. This habit can help stabilize blood sugar levels in your blood. Prefer whole grains and other complex carbohydrates. They give you energy for longer than refined carbohydrates by preventing fluctuations in blood sugar.

Synchronize your biological clock

Some people wake up energized in the morning. This is the one type of people call them skylarks. But there ... and owls. They are people who work best at the end of the day. These differences in from individual to individual energy levels are determined by the structure of the brain and genetics, it is difficult to change. However, you can realize your own circadian rhythms. Then schedule the demanding activities, when your energy levels are usually at their peak.

Make sure you do not miss vitamins

So adding to your diet vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids needed to give the necessary boost. He discovered, then, natural supplements and vitamins for energy and stimulation.

Make the right combination

If you are missing from your organization some minerals or vitamins should be the up, especially if your diet is not balanced can help a supplement. But here you have to watch something important: it makes no sense to receive individual components because your body has learned to take from food and would not allow it to exploit individually. So what is the best solution to achieve maximum absorption by your body of nutrients? The combination of vitamins and minerals with hypertrophy. If eg Lack vitamin B, you receive your own body might not be able to absorb it, but if it is received at a supplement that combines vitamin with hypertrophy or herbs you will achieve better absorption.

How to make your kids eat healthier without trouble ...

If you want to increase the chances of success of your effort, set realistic goals, follow a personalized diet plan, reduce portion size you consume and Integrate physical activity into your daily routine. Patience is a secret of success in a weight loss program, since permanent weight loss can not be achieved overnight.

Because still rather not born child to ligourefetai broccoli instead of fries, see what you can do to improve their eating habits.

Whether you are an expert in cooking or not, you know well that the most difficult judges are the ones who do not ... their height exceeds 1.5m. And because we know how hard it is to convince your kids to eat more correctly and balanced, we gathered for you some ways that can make you get by and put vegetables (and not only) on their plate without find them lying around in different points of the house later.

A wider variety of food for childrenfrom an early age, so diminishes the chance of developing strong opinion antipathy for any of them. If, for example, like avocados and you give them daily, they will begin to refuse other foods, wishing to eat avocados. Even worse, if you eat with such frequency, they get used to and do not want it again. Make changes in food and materials you use, so as to broaden their tastes.

Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast!

A balanced diet plan properly when combined with an exercise program can maximize the benefits of training and thus the benefits of exercise for health. Regular exercise can promote health, improve quality of life and contribute to the overall well being of the individual. A balanced diet plan properly when combined with an exercise program can maximize the benefits of training and thus the benefits of exercise for health. According to research, good eating options are necessary before, during and at the end of the exercise as well can enhance strength, endurance and help in better recovery after the end of training. What should be my meal before the gym. The main objective of the meal, before the gym, is to provide the body with the necessary energy for the execution. The meal before exercise should reduce the feeling of hunger, but also avoids discomfort ('blowing') that can affect the performance of the exercise. Those who do not usually eat salads good is gradually involve them in their daily diet . The fiber-containing vegetables is a valuable ally for weight maintenance, but also for the proper functioning of the intestine and avoid annoying bloating. Experts suggest that women consume about 25 grams. fiber per day and men 38 g., while for those over 50 years recommend 21 grams. and 30g. respectively.

To achieve these objectives the size of the meal the time consumption the establishment of are key features that should be taken into account Specifically, before exercise is preferable to choose foods that are digested easily and directly provide energy to the muscles. For this reason it is recommended to dinner to choose foods high in carbohydrates to help maintain blood glucose levels and low in protein are more digestible. Foods rich in fat and fiber should be avoided to reduce the possibility of gastric distress. The large amount of food before the gym can make it difficult to digestion process and makes it more uncomfortable your workout. As a general rule, chose to eat a larger meal 3-4 hours before training.

If no meal consumption time before exercise Avoid doing fasting exercise and chose a lighter meal or snack 1-2 hours before exercise Cereals with milk cereal bars yoghurt with fruits milk shake fruit smoothie toast 30 minutes before exercise chose (snacks transported easily) sports drink 1 fruit eg banana sports bar sports gel Toast with jam or honey Instructions during exercise The primary goal during exercise is to replenish fluids lost through sweating and replenishing carbohydrates for energy conservation. The question that arises during exercise is whether they should be selected water or a sports drink for better hydration.

The type, duration, intensity, environmental conditions can help us make the right choice. Water or sports drink Choose water when exercise takes less than an hour and is performed under normal environmental conditions Select sports drink when exercising is demanding, it takes over an hour and / or is in difficult environmental conditions (heat, humidity) What should be my meal after gym Main priority after exercise is to replenish fluids lost during training. Generally the best way to determine the amount of liquids you should consume (water or sports drink) is to weigh yourself before and after exercise and replace fluid losses. For the replenishment of the energy that is lost during exercise and for the rehabilitation of tissue that may have been ground fault exercise consume a meal containing both protein and carbohydrate within 2 hours after the end of training. Immediately after exercise choose to drink some juice or sports drink directly helps to replenish energy.

Good eating options after exercise Yogurt with fruit cheese with crackers nuts with dried fruit meal with meat, starch (eg macaroni-rice), salad. The diet that we could read the name and diet of Hollywood stars including many famous follow the theory, since with their exhaustive schedules they need lots of energy and thus burning plenty of calories! Certainly weight can be lost with both aerobic and dynamic (weights) exercises and the combination of both in appropriate proportions can bring the best results. But the fun is elsewhere: Squash, dance, martial arts, football are sports that can stimulate interest and keep it steady. If you put in the program and a few weights then you have extra benefits such as increased bone density and improved muscles. And this is what we are looking for better appearance.

Lose pounds and fat summer!

Lose one pound a week adding to your diet foods more antioxidants and fiber. And do not forget that by Orac diet and burn fat, mainly from the belly! Read below you need to know about this diet and see the weekly program prepared the specialist ...

What is Orac diet? How it helps in weight loss?
The Orac diet is beginning to learn to eat quality, taking into account the content of food antioxidants, which are measured in Orac units. The more orac has a food, the more it can contribute to the proper functioning of metabolism. According to the recommendations of the USDA, every day is important to recruit at least 3.000-5.000 orac units.

Which foods are rich in antioxidants?

These here are the foods are rich in antioxidants and should always have in your diet. (The classification of food made from the lower (base) to the highest antioxidant capacity (peak). The ORAC units listed per 100g of food.)
Level 1 (pyramid base: 1.000 - 3.000 Orac): kiwi, avocados, pears, whole grains, olive oil, cashews, onion, cabbage, lettuce, apples, broccoli, potatoes, oranges, tangerines, peaches, pomegranate juice, arugula, spinach , grapes, green & black tea, bread & pasta
Level 2 (3.000 - 6.000 Orac): almonds, dill, basil, blueberries, apricots, cherries, red wine, lemon juice, dried peaches, garlic, raisins (fresh and dried), raw figs
Level 3 (6.000 - 9.000 Orac): plums (fresh and dried), dried apples, beans, lentils, green beans
Level 4 (the top pyramid:> 9,000 Orac): artichokes, walnuts, hazelnuts, spices, raw rice, chocolate

How many kilos will I lose?

The rate of weight loss Indicated order to lose fat without affecting muscle mass and you decrease metabolism is ½ -1 kg weekly.

How long should I make?

The Orac diet is a diet plan that you can follow as long as it takes to lose the weight you want and is perfectly attuned to the principles of the Mediterranean diet. Then correspondingly adjusting the calories in body weight maintenance, you can continue to apply the basic rules of nutrition Orac.

All foods and beverages can be part of a healthy, balanced diet, enough to be consumed in moderation and suitable for everyone quantity.

So, eating foods from all groups (fruits, vegetables, grains / whole grain pasta, legumes, fish, poultry, red meat, olive oil) ensure the smooth running of the organization. Moreover, there are no forbidden foods or foods to be yperakatanalonontai. Any food can provide the body: wellness - taste - nutrition!

2. Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. It is low-calorie and high in fiber and antioxidants.

Aiding rapid saturation of hunger and therefore control the quantity of food consumed.